Posters, campaigns, web design, car wraps, video intros, animation, 3D design or branding. No matter what your needs are, if it requires creative thinking or a visual flair in design then that's what I do. I am a media / graphic designer who works to bring every component and element within the marketing plan or strategy together in a complete visual package for branding and advertising.

Branding is consistency, it's identity and it's the driving force of wealth accumulation in business. So, I create branding solutions through print, video and web, which I believe is a very simple and effective combination of mediums that any small to medium size business can use to support their branding efforts successfully.

Hello and thank you for visiting! I hope you're able to find all the information here useful. As a designer, I will always put my best foot forward. I am a passionate media designer who cares about what the client wants and what the client needs. I am a very good listener and with that, I put myself in the clients shoes easily and really begin to see and feel the vision they have in their head. I'm told I'm very good at producing work exactly as the client envisioned, but I'll leave the judging up to my existing and potential clients. I have earned over 20+ years of graphic design experience and what a ride it was. My focus on branding, which I encompassed three main elements or platforms: design, web and video has made me a valuable resource to many companies due to my versatility and knowledge in media. Previous design work includes from diverse clients such as: Fiji Airlines, Welcraft Boats, Baja Boats, Womin Media, Interface Media Group, Parklane Tavern, The KPN Group, Ted Nugents lead singer Derek St. Holmes and ICAP.
As a media designer, I specialize in three areas of design. From a designers point of view, these are todays essential skills needed to perform multiple tasks in todays media market. Please take a look at my knowledge & skills vital signs and see if I have what you are looking for.